Excelleris was recently awarded first place in the Canada Health Infoway ImagineNation Challenge in the category of Patient Access to Information. The awards were announced on 27-May-13 at the eHealth 2013 conference in Ottawa and presented to organizations that seek to inspire, provoke, and promote innovation in health and health care. We were of course delighted to place first in our category (competitive souls work here!), and we will of course participate in any future Challenges that Infoway sponsors. The team at Infoway does a great job of supporting the organizations that enter, and it is a great way to increase awareness of the many innovations that are emerging in the Health Care Industry.

Health Care is never dull – anyone who has worked in this industry will tell you that. People will also tell you how schizophrenic the industry is. On one hand great technical advancements are made in Health Care practically daily. Map the Human Genome? Done! Turn HIV into a chronic disease instead of a death sentence? Done! On the other hand, technologies that are currently taken for granted in other industries, i.e. access to your own personal information, the means of playing an active role, are groundbreaking in Health Care. Why is that?

It may be simply that the average person is still content to be a passive participant in their Health Care. A good doctor and the public pay model still makes it possible for most of us to remain comfortably passive. If you get sick or injured you’ll probably get fixed up and wait time horror stories notwithstanding, you’ll get fixed up in pretty decent time really.

Being passive however, means you’re missing opportunities to avoid getting sick (and incidentally you are contributing to the spiraling costs in Health Care). You’re not educating yourself about what you need to do to stay well. You may ask – would it make a difference if I did – would I really enjoy better health?

We’re pretty sure that there are people out there who did take the opportunity to educate themselves and become active participants in their Health Care. They’re using whatever information they’ve been able to obtain, from Excelleris or from other sources to become or to stay well.

If you’re one of those people, join the conversation and let others hear about your experience. We’d love to hear from you!