Recently, Canada Post announced that they were planning to increase postage rates as well as phase out urban delivery. This announcement earned the organization  more than a few days in the news, but it highlighted an absolute fact: the vast majority of people have already accepted electronic information distribution as the “new normal”.  It makes a lot of sense.  It is ecologically responsible, it is extremely cost effective, and it is fast and convenient.

Excelleris is, of course, in the business of Health Care information distribution. Most of the information we distribute goes electronically to recipients that have already embraced the “new normal” but a subset still gets printed and distributed in the old fashioned, VERY EXPENSIVE way.  This is a great pity, considering the financial pressure on Health Care as an industry overall.  Really – there are better ways for Health Care to spend money than on antiquated information distribution methods.

For our part, we are absolutely committed to converting the Health Care industry to electronic information distribution, so that Health Care realizes the benefits and cost savings of this approach. We actively engage information recipients that are still on print and strongly encourage them to make the switch to electronic.

But you, a casual reader of this blog, can also do your part. The next time you go to see your Doctor, ask them this: “Do you have an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) application and do you receive health care information from hospitals and laboratories electronically?” If the answer is NO, then ask why not.