Note: This memorandum has been sent to all Vancouver Island Clinics and Community Physicians.

Date: June 30, 2014

From: Scott McCarten Manager– Standards, Process Improvement & Quality for Island Health Laboratory Medicine, Pathology & Medical Genetics

The British Columbia Medical Association (BCMA) and the Medical Services Commission (MSC) have jointly mandated further changes to the Standard Outpatient Laboratory Requisition (SOPLR) effective June 30th, 2014. In order to accommodate the mandated changes, the Island Health Laboratories requisition has been updated. Please note that any new orders for Island Health outpatient laboratory requisitions will be filled with this new requisition, which includes the changes outlined below.

Please note that you can continue to order Island Health requisitions from your current supplier. If you would like to start ordering requisitions from Island Health, they are available from Island Health Print Services as per below:

South Island:
Printing Services
4230 Commerce Circle
Victoria, BC V8Z 6N6

Main desk:
Phone: (250-519-5330) Local 35330
Fax: (250-519-5332) Local 35332

North and Central Island:
Printing Services , Nanaimo Regional General Hospital
1200 Dufferin Crescent
Nanaimo, BC V9S 2B7

Main desk:
Phone: (250-755-7691) Local 54023
Fax: (250-755-7940) Local 57940

Please use the attached order form when placing orders for requisitions.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg New Requisition Order Form

The following pages include a copy of the requisition front page with outlined changes, and a written summary of those changes.

Adobe_PDF_Icon.svg View Summary of Outlined Changes to the Requisition Form

Note: The front of the requisition has the MSP specified content (with the exception of the header and the colour) and the back of the requisition has information that is specific to Island Health.