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Reminder of the Importance of Secure Transfer of Medical Records

A recent article titled “Health records faxed to business by mistake” by Canadian Healthcare Technology points out the practical importance of safe and secure transfer of medical records:

“Despite repeated alerts to Alberta Health Services, a Calgary business continues to receive private health information via fax. Scott Chisolm says his office fax machine has been receiving the sensitive records since 2008.”

You can read the full article here.

These types of mistakes not only violate patient privacy rights but can have tragic consequences if, for example, an important lab test is lost in transport between the lab and doctor’s office.

At Excelleris, we aim to promote the safe and secure transfer of medical records. If you’re a medical provider, learn about how our Launchpad product can support you in providing the best care for your patients, through secure electronic delivery of diagnostic data.

Pap Test Results & Reminders to be distributed via Excelleris to providers in BC & Yukon

June 25th, 2014

Note: This bulletin has been sent to all Pap test providers in British Columbia and the Yukon.

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In early July 2014, Pap test providers across British Columbia and the Yukon will be able to access Pap test results and reminder letters through Excelleris.

What you need to know

Pap test results and reminder letters will be distributed in the same manner that your other Lower Mainland Laboratory reports are received. If your reports are received via Excelleris hardcopy (through Meditran), fax, or Excelleris LaunchPad, you will now receive your Pap test results and Pap test reminder letters in the same way.


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Changes to Island Health outpatient laboratory requisition

Note: This memorandum has been sent to all Vancouver Island Clinics and Community Physicians.

Date: June 30, 2014

From: Scott McCarten Manager– Standards, Process Improvement & Quality for Island Health Laboratory Medicine, Pathology & Medical Genetics

The British Columbia Medical Association (BCMA) and the Medical Services Commission (MSC) have jointly mandated further changes to the Standard Outpatient Laboratory Requisition (SOPLR) effective June 30th, 2014. In order to accommodate the mandated changes, the Island Health Laboratories requisition has been updated. Please note that any new orders for Island Health outpatient laboratory requisitions will be filled with this new requisition, which includes the changes outlined below.


Available Health Care Information for EMR Vendors and Providers in B.C.

We’ve put together a helpful chart for health care providers and EMR vendors showing all the types of health care information available electronically from labs in B.C. Not only does the chart include health care information available from these content sources now, but also when new information is planned for release.