Our success has been due in large part to our ability to stay true to our corporate values:


In all interactions, Excelleris shows respect for shareholders, for staff, for contractors, for clients, for competitors, for partners, for community and for environment.


In all things, Excelleris is open, transparent and honest, setting and where possible, exceeding realistic expectations.


Excelleris is accountable for the decisions made and the actions taken by the organization honoring its commitment to deliver the highest quality.


How do we live up to this commitment to our community and environment each day? Through engagement in corporate philanthropy and social responsibility.


CDAProud supporter of the Canadian Diabetes Association

Excelleris supports our community and our province through corporate support for the Canadian Diabetes Association. This support resonates throughout our organization by way of our employees’ charitable donations that we deduct at source.

We believe the Canadian Diabetes Association can make great strides to improve patient outcomes, reduce health care costs and create efficiencies in our health care system—goals we share for Excelleris products.

Did you know?

  • Individuals with diabetes were three times more likely to have been hospitalized at least once during the year than those without diabetes, and had a longer hospital stay.
  • Annual per capita health care costs have been estimated to be three to four times greater in a population with diabetes compared to a population without the disease.
  • Diabetes is contributing to the escalating cost of health care in Canada. In 2008/09, adults aged 20 to 49 years with diabetes saw a family physician twice as often as those without diabetes, and specialists two to three times more often.

*Source: Public Health Agency of Canada

How can you help?

Call the ClothesLine to clean out your closet and to help fund diabetes research.


Visit CDA Website

Proud supporter of the BC SPCA

We are proud to extend our corporate support to the BC SPCA. As a pet-friendly office, we know the joy that pets can bring to daily life.

Did you know?

Pets can decrease your:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol levels
  • Triglyceride levels
  • Feelings of loneliness

Pets can increase your:

  • Opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities
  • Opportunities for socialization

How can you help?

Learn more about this great cause by visiting the BC SPCA website.

Visit BC SPCA Website

We are Green

Leading the exchange of electronic health care information across British Columbia, our business, by its nature, is helping to reduce waste, paper consumption and the greenhouse gases associated with the delivery of paper.

  • Launchpad’s integration technologies help to maximize EMR adoption through accessibility and facilitated change management—helping to reduce hard copy patient files by the millions.
  • Our interoperability solutions allow electronic collaboration and sharing of health care information instead of faxing and printing paper copies.

In our own business, while we can’t yet eliminate all the paper we do generate on behalf of our clients, we continually evaluate our options for increased use of post-consumer product.