My ehealth provides British Columbians with access to their Electronic Health Records (EHRs) through a secure, easy-to-use web portal, empowering personal health management and facilitating communication with health care providers.

How does it work?

lab1) Visit a participating health
information source for tests.

myehealthscreen2) Register online
within 30 days.

To register you must be 16 years or older, and have a BC Care Card number.

login3) Login and view your health
information online.

It’s private and secure: enter your email address, password and answer a security question created during registration.

takecontrol4) Take control
of your health.

Print and share results with members of your health care team and take an active role in managing your health.

Benefits at a glance


  • Timely access to your health information as soon as they are released from the lab.
  • Easy to use at home through the web portal or on-the-go through the smartphone app.
  • Easily share your results with family or members of your health care team.
  • Feel comfortable reading results. Choose from four languages: English, French, Punjabi and Chinese.


  • Improves patient comprehension with results available in four languages: English, French, Punjabi and Chinese.
  • Facilitate communication among patients and their community of care.
  • Encourage patient involvement in health care management, improving outcomes.

myehealth screen
Why use my ehealth?

Free to access results
My ehealth is a free service for British Columbians paid for by participating labs to help improve health care management and communication.
Easy to adopt
Participating labs and the my ehealth website provide information on how to register. Access requires only a desktop computer, web-browser and internet connectivity. Results can also be conveniently accessed through a smartphone app.
Strong security & privacy
We take security seriously, from the way my ehealth is built to the way we send and store your personal information. We value your trust and recognize that maintaining this trust requires us to be transparent, diligent and accountable in managing the personal information in our care.

We ensure our solutions comply with governing privacy legislation, the Freedom of Information and Privacy Act (FIPPA) and Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA), and strive to exceed those obligations.

Learn more about our privacy policy.

Accurate & up-to-date
Data is delivered directly from the content source. Once registered, results are automatically stored in your EHR as soon as they are released from the lab.

What my ehealth users are saying

Love being able to see the results of my tests! This is a valuable resource in managing my health. I no longer stress if I have to wait a few weeks to see the doctor because I am able to see my results right away.
I very much appreciate the quick turnaround between a lab test and its appearance on my record; it reduces my anxiety of waiting for test results.
I think this is a great service because now I do not need to have a paper trail of my previous records and can look at it all at one glance to analyze it more efficiently for my own health benefits.
I really appreciate that I can access my test results online. The system is very secure, which is great. It’s easy to use, clear, and concise.
I love the ability to get timely information that doctors normally do not share. It is good to know your baselines for many tests.

How to get started…

Register online at within 30 days of a lab test.