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LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services (“LifeLabs”) today announced the upcoming provincial launch of my results™, which will allow Ontario patients to quickly, easily and securely access most of their LifeLabs laboratory test results online, free of charge. The secure, web-based service has been developed to meet the needs of the growing number of patients who are requesting direct access to their laboratory results in order to be more actively involved in managing their own health. Patients can use my results™ to share and discuss their results with their healthcare management team and can use the analytical tool to monitor regular lab tests over time as part of a disease management program.

Through Excelleris Technologies, LifeLabs introduced the service in British Columbia in 2010 where there are now over 500,000 British Columbians accessing their test results online. In Ontario, my results™ has been operating since December 2014 in a few communities. With positive feedback received from both patients and healthcare providers in those communities, LifeLabs is excited to confirm that my results™ will be available to patients across the province later this summer.

LifeLabs knows how important it is for patients and healthcare providers to work together with meaningful and practical information in hand. Direct access by patients and healthcare providers to lab test results delivers information that will allow patients and their care team to make decisions so that they can live healthy and stay healthy: one of the key objectives in Ontario’s Patient First: Action Plan for Health Care.

“LifeLabs know that Canadians want meaningful and practical information about their health so that they can make informed decisions and choices. Direct access to lab results provides citizens with just that kind of information,” said Sue Paish, President and CEO of LifeLabs, Canada’s largest community-based laboratory services company. “In launching my results™, we’re not just enhancing patient access to lab test results – we’re empowering patients and healthcare providers with real-time, relevant, clinical information. LifeLabs is proud to continue to drive the modernization of our healthcare system in Ontario and my results™ is another example of that drive.

Developed by Excelleris Technologies (“Excelleris”), a wholly owned subsidiary of LifeLabs, my results™ uses industry best practices for privacy and security. Most test results will be available through my results™ and will be posted to patients’ accounts within 24-48 hours.