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Get your cardiac test results faster than ever! Starting August 27, 2018, LifeLabs cardiac test results including, electrocardiograms (ECG) and Holter monitors will be delivered online via my ehealth (B.C.), the same electronic portal used to deliver patient blood test results.

Prior to August 27, all cardiac test results were printed and couriered or mailed to our ordering and copy-to physicians. Starting August 27, 2018, those using Launchpad or an EMR will receive both printed and electronic reports until mid-September.

By mid-September, 2018, if you are using Launchpad or an EMR you will stop receiving a printed report. If you are not using Launchpad or an EMR, electronic reports will not be available to you, and you will continue to receive printed reports.

Are you a physician not currently using Launchpad or and EMR to access patient results online? Register by emailing

Are you a patient not currently using my ehealth? To register or view results online, go to