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Patient Solutions

Coast to coast, three million Canadians have secure, real-time access to their health results thanks to Excelleris. Our patient portals my results and my ehealth help connect people to their clinical laboratory results making them partners in their care.

Physicians & Private Practice Solutions

We deliver health reports, results, notes and consultations directly to your electronical medical record platform. Simple, convenient and cost effective, Launchpad provides a new level of efficiency in helping you run your practice and care for your patients.

Hospitals & Health Authorities

Sharing information is critical in building an efficient healthcare system. From eliminating unnecessary tests to ensuring timely care, Excelleris bridges disparate systems to provide readily accessible information across the full continuum of care.

Custom Professional Solutions

The future of medicine rests in personalized solutions that better match patients with treatments. We work with organizations to develop custom health monitoring solutions to proactively monitor patients health and response to new medications.

Custom Professional Solutions

Why Excelleris Solutions?


Excelleris is a critical partner in helping doctors respond faster and streamlining care.

With launchpad you get information in real time. You could order a test in the morning and have the results delivered straight to your EMR the same day
Marion Sherback
QHR Technologies

Hassle-free test results directly integrated and loaded into a patient's chart is core to any doctor's work experience in a clinical environment.

Without this innate ability built within InputHealth's CHR, physicians would be spending valuable patient resources on tasks related to file organization. Furthermore, the inclusion of lab results into patient data enable practitioners to easily trend score results.
Dr. Damon Ramsey