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Over 600,000 Ontarians now receive their lab results online

Over the past year, LifeLabs has connected over 600,000 Ontarians to their health information through my results, LifeLabs’ online lab results portal. The free, secure, web-based service was introduced in Ontario in August 2015 to meet the needs of a growing number of Ontarians who want direct access to their own health information. Each week, approximately 12,000 Ontarians now register for my results, giving them quick and convenient access to their own lab results.

“Through innovative tools like my results, we’re giving patients valuable information and peace of mind,” said Sue Paish, President and CEO of LifeLabs. “We know the wait for lab results can be stressful for patients and their families. Providing people with easy and fast access to their health information using my results gives patients the information they need to be more informed about their health. This allows Ontarians to engage in more productive conversations with their doctors and other healthcare providers.”

LifeLabs is the only community laboratory in Canada providing free online access for patients to their lab results. Feedback from interviews and surveys with patients and health care providers who use my results found that patients feel more informed and better prepared for discussions with their healthcare providers when they have access to their own results.

“My test results were posted quickly which allowed me to address the results with my doctor quickly,” said Shirley, a patient in Peterborough who uses my results. “I like having my own records, so I know when things are changing, and I feel more in control of my health.”

Most test results are available through my results and are posted to patients’ accounts within 24-48 hours. Developed by Excelleris Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of LifeLabs, my results uses industry best practices for privacy and security. People can access their results online following their visit to any of the 230 patient service centres that LifeLabs operates throughout Ontario.

The Ontario findings are consistent with the experience in British Columbia where over 700,000 British Columbians have registered for online access to their lab results on the same platform.