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Excelleris Technologies, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LifeLabs since 1999, is pleased to report that a strategic initiative to reduce paper based medical laboratory results within British Columbia has concluded with strong returns.

Physicians, Clinics, and Health Care Providers in British Columbia have had the option to receive laboratory results in paper, fax, and electronic form. The distribution method had a number factors associated with it, such as geography, region, size of practice and patient base. In early 2018, it was identified that the volume of paper based results should be reduced, with two primary objectives:

  • Reduced paper volume diminishes our environmental footprint pushing us forward to a greener Canada. It cuts down the amount of fossil fuels utilized by post or courier
  • Electronic distribution of medical laboratory results reach our provider community in real time; making diagnosis quicker & most importantly, secure

Paper based laboratory medical results has been effectively reduced by 85% over the 2018 calendar year.

Putting that into perspective, the distribution of 100,000 envelopes traveling an average of 20 kilometers would consume approximately 160,000 liters of fuel! An 85% reduction means a monthly consumption of 24,000 liters.

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